AeroDawg* Canine Aerosol Chamber

AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber

USD $61.95

Is your dog’s cough keeping him down?

For dogs with respiratory challenges, getting the most from life means getting the most from their medication.

Unlike oral steroids or injections, inhaled medications deliver targeted treatments directly to the lungs for fast effective results using lower doses of drug. This means fewer side effects for dogs and easier administration for pet parents.

Simply puff the medication into the chamber and allow your dog to breathe normally through the device. The exclusive Flow-Vu* Indicator provides visual confirmation your dog is inhaling the medication.

Confidence in Dose Delivery

    • AeroDawg* Chamber is intended to deliver aerosol medication as recommended by a veterinarian to dogs with chronic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis or collapsed trachea
    • Flow-Vu* Indicator provides visual assurance of correct use and medication delivery
    • Antistatic polymer eliminates static cling, ensuring medication doesn’t stick and is available for your dog to inhale
    • Special low resistance valve designed for companion animals only releases the medication when your dog is ready to inhale
    • Works on all breeds of dogs
      • AeroDawg* Small for dogs under 20lbs (includes small and medium sized masks)
      • AeroDawg* Large for dogs over 20lbs (includes medium and large sized masks)
    • Can be used with all types of metered dose inhalers (MDI)
    • Medication sold separately



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Product Reviews

Works fine if you can find the medicine

| Review by Diana | 2018-10-29

Anyone here know where I can get Fluticisol with Salmeterol in a pump dispenser? I bought the mask but can't use it now because I can't find the medicine I need for my dog ***** Hi Diana. Fluticasone (flixotide) and salmeterol are available in combination metered dose inhalers such as Advair...

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Wonderful Product!

| Review by CoconutRose | 2018-01-24

The AeroDawg inhaler has made it possible to treat my 16 year old poodle with inhaled steroids instead of oral medication thus eliminating all the unpleasant side effects. He has dynamic airway disease with collapsing bronchi and thanks to the AeroDawg his coughing has decreased from almost const...

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So thankful for this product.

| Review by CarolB | 2017-09-27

University of TN hospital could not finish their testing on my dog due to the fact he would stop breathing when turned on his back or side. Things looked dire until my family vet suggested trying AeroDawg. Talk about a new lease on life. No more coughing and feeling good for the first time in ...

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| Review by Clare | 2017-08-29

This product saved my dog's life. This was our last option for our 15-year-old beagle with a collapsing trachea. It has worked great.

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Fantastic product

| Review by Megan | 2017-04-03

The AeroDawg helped my cockapoo Bender breathe, which improved his quality of life when we were at our darkest moment. It also kept him off of oral steroids which would have put additional unneeded stress on his system. The Flow-Vu really worked to show that the medication was being delivered. I ...

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