AeroKat* Feline Aerosol Chamber

AeroKat Feline Aerosol Chamber

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SKU: 101101-EA

Is your cat's cough stopping her play?

For cats with respiratory challenges, getting the most from life means getting the most from their medication.

Unlike oral steroids or injections, inhaled medications deliver targeted treatments directly to the lungs for fast effective results using lower doses of drug. This means fewer side effects for cats and easier administration for pet parents.

Simply puff the medication into the chamber and allow your cat to breathe normally through the device. The exclusive Flow-Vu* Indicator provides visual confirmation your cat is inhaling the medication.

Confidence in Dose Delivery

  • AeroKat* Chamber is intended to deliver aerosol medication as recommended by a veterinarian to cats with feline asthma, chronic bronchitis or allergic rhinitis
  • Flow-Vu* Indicator provides visual assurance of correct use and medication delivery
  • Antistatic polymer eliminates static cling, ensuring medication doesn’t stick and is available for your cat to inhale
  • Special low resistance valve designed for companion animals only releases the medication when your cat is ready to inhale
  • Includes small mask (cats up to 10 lbs) and medium mask (cats over 10 lbs)
  • Can be used with all types of metered dose inhalers (MDI)
  • Medication sold separately


  • Watch an instructional video
  • Learn how to use the AeroKat* Chamber
  • Puff the medication into the chamber before applying the mask to your cat – helps prevent cats from being startled by the sound
  • Administer one puff at a time. If a second puff is required wait 30 seconds before administering.
  • Use the Flow-Vu* Indicator to count 5-6 breaths through the chamber


>> Download instructions and other resources for the AeroKat* Chamber


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Product Reviews

Life changer!

| Review by Veronica | 2019-10-05

We've been dealing with a chronic upper respiratory infection with our cat for ALMOST A YEAR! We've tried everything you can imagine. When our vet suggested puffers, we were hesitant. We had been shoving pills and liquids down his throat twice a day for over 8 months. Hasn't the poor guy been thr...

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Taught my cat to love it

| Review by Donald | 2019-07-23

My cat asks for her medicine now. The blanket-wrap to "control" my Siamese's resistance was too much work. Putting a hand on her back on the bed was better. Then I had a brainstorm. I gave her the med, then placed the Aerokat on the bed in front of her and started scratching her back. N...

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Life is Better

| Review by Jan | 2019-06-09

I have a siamese that was diagnosed with asthma, treated with prednisolone oral and then switched to your AeroKat Inhaler and have been using it for 6 years, she accepts it well - following the instructions and it has made her life much better and I feel longer as she is now 17. She was diagnose...

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Great Product

| Review by Paulette | 2019-05-20

I have been using The Aerokat since 2009 and it's a wonderful product for dosing my cat's medication. Would like to know if you sell replacement masks and how much the cost is. Thanks in advance. __________________________ Hi Paulette - thanks for the feedback. Replacement Masks are a...

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Asthma attacks no longer!

| Review by Nan | 2019-02-25

When my vet said most cats will tolerate this treatment, I thought she was nuts. Mr. Henry is very difficult to medicate with pills, but she really pretty much insisted we try. I do have to hold him. I don’t think he will ever reach the acceptance others have experienced with their cats, but he d...

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Exceptional Product

| Review by Mary Murphy | 2018-10-29

My cat Mason developed Asthma and allergies before his first birthday. He took to this breathing apparatus the first time we used it. He has always been receptive to every challenge in his 3 years of life. Not only does he have asthma and allergies, but he has heart problems (two tears in his ...

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Awesome innovation!

| Review by Mary Murphy | 2018-10-29

My cat Mason developed asthma and allergies before his first birthday. He took to this breathing apparatus the first time we used it. He has always been receptive to every challenge in his 3 years of life. Not only does he have asthma and allergies, he has heart problems (two tears in his hear...

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Easier than giving a pill!

| Review by Barbara | 2018-10-12

Once I got my fur baby use to the inhaler, medicating his asthma is a breeze! Veterinarians should be including this as their first option to dealing with feline asthma and not the pills or steroid injection. I went thru three veterinarians before someone suggested this option.

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Working fine since 2003 for Mimi

| Review by Monika | 2018-08-30

I have been using the AeroKat with inhaled medication for my cat Mimi since the year 2003. - 15 years so far! - Mimi is 16 now; he is doing fine, and we'll hopefully keep using the AeroKat for many more years to come.

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My cat loves it!

| Review by Paul | 2018-07-19

This works fantastic and my cat Mitch is breathing normally again. He actually comes running when it is time to take his medication. I started with treats to get him used to the mask. It took about 2 weeks to get him accustomed to it, but it's way better than having him on oral steroids for the r...

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Love this!

| Review by Julie | 2018-06-24

What a brilliant invention. My 3 yr old tuxedo cat was just diagnosed with asthma. His cough attacks were happening daily and nightly, and getting longer and longer in duration. Vet said on a scale of 1 to 10, he is a 7. He's had only a few doses of inhaled medicine so far and no cough attacks! M...

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It's a wonderful product

| Review by Veronica | 2017-04-27

I love this product. The chamber is very easy to clean and my cat is comfortable with the mask. The one issue I have is that there is no way to purchase an adapter separately. The square adapter works for one medication, but I need a round adapter for others. I can't find a round adapter anywhere...

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The AeroKat is working well!

| Review by Deborah | 2017-04-24

We are using the smaller mask for our cat. Though she doesn't like the treatment, it's easy to put the mask on her mouth and nose and then push the inhaler for the medication. The little "flipper" at the top of the chamber is great for making sure that she breathes in the medication a...

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